Shilpa Shetty Kundra talks about her fitness app; reveals how she looks like a million bucks at 43

Shilpa Shetty Kundra highlights that several years into her career, the actor knew that her calling wasn’t restricted to creating a make-believe environment on screen

Shilpa Shetty Kundra tells us it’s likely that years in the future, we may retrace our decision to be writers, and opt for painting to make a living instead. If she had even as much as seen the doodles we etch in the midst of lengthy telephonic interviews, she’d reconsider her words. But the point she’s trying to make is different. She highlights that several years into her career, the actor knew that her calling wasn’t restricted to creating a make-believe environment on screen. “I’ve seen the quality of life I enjoy today. And I want to tell everyone that they can enjoy this healthy lifestyle too,” she says when pointing towards her decision to launch the Shilpa Shetty fitness application. Before you can catch it on your phone, mid-day gets Shetty to spill the secrets behind looking fitter than ever:

Make age meet fitness

People don’t understand that you have to keep changing your routine with age. My workout today is entirely different from what it was 15 years ago. I’ve focused on aligning the body and mind while paying heed to my age. One must focus on being more agile, and train the core better. With increasing work pressure, I also pay attention to staying calm. There is a lot of breathing and meditation involved in my routine. I prefer working with my body weight instead of using external weights. I am fitter today than I was 10 years ago, and I can prove it because I can lift heavy weights.


A primary factor that has played a role in enhancing my physical and mental health is my nutrition. I don’t eat raw foods post 6 pm because the body needs to produce acid to digest them. An alkaline environment is healthy. They say cancerous [cells] can’t grow in such an environment. I also never skip breakfast and start my mornings with fruit, tulsi ka pani, and a meal that’s high in fibre and protein. I’ve eliminated all forms of refined sugar from my life. Every spoon of sugar lowers your immunity for the next six hours. I replace it with jaggery and have coconut sugar in my tea.

Tackling stress

Fitness is like a marriage — you can’t be healthy if you cheat on your body. When the level of cortisol [stress hormone] is high, people find it hard to lose weight. I too feel stressed at times but have learnt to handle it. I am at peace with my body. Understanding how you can centre yourself when you are stressed is crucial. During long working hours, I’m all over the place. On trips, the only cardio I get is shopping. But, when you come back, you take to your routine again. Yoga has played a big role in helping me find that balance. Its effects were first brought to my notice by my friends, who would tell me that I had become more positive [after practising it]. It also means that I am so in sync with myself that I am more aware of my emotions.

Being well-rested

Lack of sleep is a problem that many struggle with. If they get enough sleep, they don’t have the right nutrition in their regimen. If they have both, they aren’t training correctly. It’s a simple thing, but many can’t achieve it in this fast-paced life. You need sleep to repair your body. But, to make friends happy, we give priority to that party, or to those three extra drinks.

Test drive of the app

. Shetty has 15 programs currently uploaded on the app. They include a variety of meditation plans, weight loss programs, belly-fat reduction plans, and those addressed to toning the arms, legs or thighs. There are a series of verticals under yoga as well, including ones that address menstrual cramps and constipation, among other needs.

. Shetty says the programs cater to people across age groups 15 through 55. Should a person restricted to a chair seek some activity, she says her app also has a series of exercises that s/he can perform.

. Available primarily under the paid vertical, the nutrition plans, she says has a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. The recipes and basic workouts are free, but the nutrition and personalised workout charts are paid programs.

. A plus point is the manner in which exercises have been broken down for users to follow. With bit-sized clips also highlighting the muscles being employed in each workout, it is evident that the makers have taken a step further to make it educational.

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