Shweta Tiwari reveals the real reason why she was staying apart from her husband Abhinav Kohli

Almost a year after popular television actor Shweta Tiwari and husband Abhinav Kohli refuted the rumours of their separation, Shweta has revealed what had happened that set the rumour mills abuzz. In an interview with the Times of India, Shweta opened up about the incident and shared that back in 2016, when she was expecting Reyansh, her husband Abhinav had shifted to Bengaluru to stay with his mother a year after his father passed away.

She has been quoted as saying, “Abhinav’s father passed away the same year I got pregnant. Abhinav’s parents stayed in Bengaluru, so he had to stay there for some time before he could get his mother here. His father was a retired air force officer and his mother owned a publishing company. Abhinav required some time before he could wrap up everything and be in Mumbai with us. He stayed there for almost a year.”

She added that people started noticing that “I was going to parties alone and was not seen with him. So, people felt why are they not staying together?” Shweta went on to say that a few people also called up to ask if everything’s fine in their marriage. She has been quoted as saying, “Some people had the nerve to even call me and ask, ‘Hey, is everything well in your marriage? We don’t see your husband with you’. Now, why should I tell people what happened?”

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