Sonali Bendre opens about the pain and struggle she faced during her chemotherapy

Right from the moment the news of Sonali Bendre being diagnosed with cancer came up, it shook one and all. Even after feeling like being hit by a train, Sonali kept her calm and fought her battle against the disease. Though the actress has always been very vocal about her journey of fighting cancer, recently while on a talk show, she opened more about the same and said how her hair literally made the most part of her personality and life.

Sonali Bendre said that it might sound superficial, but her hair has been one of the most important parts of her persona and life. Back in the days, she endorsed every hair product. When she came to know that it will fall off, she didn’t know how to talk about it. However, she knew she didn’t want to feel horrible and want to enjoy getting rid of it.

She further told how big of a deal it was for her to lose hair. She first had a short hair cut and enjoyed it. Later, when she was going bald she was told to keep the long hair and use it for the wig. But the actress didn’t want to hold on to it physically and knew its use was over, and it will grow back.

She also went on to tell the tale behind the hashtags – #onedayatatime and #switchonthesunshine. She said when she first heart about it, it was like she was hit by a train. Her husband Goldie Behl then held her and said let’s just go through the day; thus, one day at a time. For the latter, the actress said that she used to feel like dark clouds are pressing her down and she wanted the sunshine in her life. One day when she saw the rising sun, she clicked it and shared with her family and said switch on the sunshine.

Also while recalling her first chemotherapy session, the actress said that once she introspected and started looking things in a positive manner, she decided not to cry anymore on why all of this is happening to her.

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