Tamil actress Maya S Krishnan refutes sexual harassment accusations levelled by theatre artiste Ananya Ramaprasad

Chennai: As the #Metoo movement gathers pace, a Chennai-based woman artiste has accused actress Maya S Krishnan, who is part of top actor Rajinikanth’s upcoming movie 2.0, of sexually harassing her.

Krishnan has refuted the allegations.

This is the second such instance in which a woman has been named, and first from Tamil Nadu with the campaign surging ahead.

Chennai-based theatre artiste Ananya Ramaprasad in a Facebook post said, “I am a victim of sexual, mental and emotional manipulation, abuse, and most horrifically, gaslighting, all at the hands of my abuser, Maya S Krishnan.”

On her Facebook page, Krishnan, however, refuted the allegations and said she was trying to help and ready to face legal proceedings. The post has been deleted now.

“I deny all the allegations mentioned in the post”. She further said, as quoted by India Today, “I had not mentioned anything about Ananya previously, other than to closest friends and family, as I had considered the mental health of the 18 year old and was trying to help her to the best of my abilities. However I see now that trying to safeguard her, considering her to be a child was a mistake, I will not repeat that anymore.”

Krishnan is part of actor Vikram’s upcoming film Dhruva Natchathiram.

Last month, popular comedienne Kaneez Surka accused fellow comic Aditi Mittal of “forcibly kissing” her on the mouth two years ago at a comedy show.