Those who think Bollywood is unsafe for women are living in a fool’s paradise

Preity Zinta, who has never hesitated to call a spade a spade, opines on the #MeToo movement that the time has now come to clean the house. “It (Bollywood) is 100 percent safer than any other industry. We have a spotlight on this industry. If you talk about something, media writes about it and everybody goes, and interviews them. Tell me what happens in big business house? They control media and everything. I am glad this movement has come and hope it’s not diluted by irrelevant cases.”

The actress mentions that she has been part of the industry for two decades and joined the film industry with zero backing and one thing she has realised over the years is that people treat you the way you want to be treated. “Nobody has ever mistreated me or behaved cheaply with me and obviously, I am saying this from a place of privilege because I am one of those people whose films did very well from day one but there are a lot of people that struggle. It’s important to know where your priorities lie and if you stand your ground no one will push you. If people think that the industry is an unsafe place for women, then I think they are living in fool’s paradise. I have been part of the business world now and I have seen the working of the business world. Film industry is probably the safest.”

Zinta had bid goodbye to acting in Bollywood films after marriage. But it was a call from good friend Sunny Deol that forced her to take a U-turn. Bhaiaji Superhit, the film which marks the return of Preity Zinta to celluloid, is slated to hit theatres this Friday on 23 November.