Top five countries with highest number of Covid-19 infections

The number of daily Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease cases worldwide surged by more than 350,000 on Friday, World Health Organisation said. It was a worldwide record reported by the world’s top health body. The confirmed daily high of 350,766 cases surpasses by nearly 12,000 a record set earlier this week.

The total number Covid-19 infection has now reached to 36,785,758, as per the figures published by the John Hopkins University. While more than a million others have succumbed to the disease.

In a recently held conference by the WHO’s emergencies chief, Dr Michael Ryan said that according to the world body’s “best estimates”, one in 10 people worldwide may have been infected from Covid-19.

While the United States still remains the worst-hit country, Europe added more than 109,000 cases alone to the daily high of Friday.

Here is the list of top five countries worst-affected by the Covid-19:


More than 7.6 million people in the United States have been infected with the deadly Covid-19, including the country’s President Donald Trump. Among the worst affected regions of the US is the Midwestern side where weather is the coldest. As the country is witnessing the second wave of Covid-19 several states have been registering a record number of daily cases, prompting authorities to impose various restrictions to curb the spread.

India- 6,906,151

India is the second country to be badly hit by the spread of the coronavirus disease. It is recording more than 70,00 new cases daily for the past few days. Before this, the number of daily cases used to hover around 90,000.

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat are some of the states which are reporting the major chunk of the total tally.

Brazil- 5,055,888

While the number of daily infections and fatalities have gone down, Brazil is still among the top five worst affected nations. The country surpassed the 5 million mark on Wednesday night and is verging on 150,000 deaths, according to the tally from Johns Hopkins University.

At its height, Brazil was registering more than 45,000 cases and 1,000 deaths per day. Now, the numbers have dropped to about 27,000 cases and 700 deaths daily.

Russia- 1,265,572

Among the list of countries witnessing the second wave of Covid-19 infection, Russia posted a record number of new Covid-19 cases on Friday.

There were 12,126 new cases in the past day, breaking the previous record of 11,656 on May 11, according to data from the government’s National Virus Response Center.

The resurgence in infections has come after schools reopened September 1.


Fifth country to be on the list of nations with the highest number of cases, Colombia has more than 8.9 million cases while over 27,400 others have succumbed to the disease.

The country removed curbing measures and resumed economic activities with safety protocols earlier in September. However, restrictions on events and large crowds still continue.

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