Twitter tagged NASA for a date, their chat is ‘out of the world’. Literally

There are times during the night that even after counting thousands of sheep one just cannot fall asleep. While many resort to binge-watching shows, some prefer poking their equally insomniac friends for a chat. A similar kind of conversation followed between NASA and Twitter. Must we say that it is actually ‘out of the world’.

It all started when Twitter, being the enthusiastically forward one and always with the tagline of ‘What’s happening’ tagged NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and wrote ‘U up?’.

The tweet sent around 2.30 am late at night was greeted with a more or less immediate response by NASA with a wave and ‘Hey Twitter. What’s up?’

The chat continued between the two as NASA replied to Twitter’s ‘What’s up with you’ with a beautiful picture taken of the earth from the ISS (International Space Station).

As the conversation commenced, Twitter asked NASA about the wifi strength and their favourite snacks in space. And just like a science nerd, NASA replied that their favourite snack is ‘launch meat’ with a space pun.

The chat concluded in the cutest way as Twitter was asked on a date by NASA to watch the new Mars Rover taking off during July 2020.

Take a look at the conversation:

The thread has garnered over 85,000 likes on the microblogging application. But strangely enough, you won’t find any comments here. The tweet is atest run for a new feature Twitter is rolling out to optimize the user experience.

Nevertheless, enjoy this chat between the two friends and ping up your bestie to talk about anything just like Twitter and NASA.

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