Urvashi Dholakia on remarriage: Never thought of it – read exclusive interview

After shedding her inhibitions to reveal her personal life for 3 months in the glass walled house of Bigg Boss and coming out victorious, Urvashi Dholakia is ready to unveil another aspect of her private life in the dance reality show Nach Baliye. In the ninth season of the dance show, which is produced by Salman Khan, the actress will be paired with her ex-boyfriend Anuj Sachdev. However, coming out in the open about her ex-beau is not something challenging for the actress. It is the entire dance routine that Urvashi is finding “challenging”. ” Dancing is a challenge, not coming out in the open about my past, partner or personal life,” she told us.

At the launch of the show, Urvashi Dholakia, dressed in a leopard-printed suit, seemed the most energetic. When we sat down for an exclusive tete-a-tete with the actress, we pointed this out to her out and she shared a hilarious anecdote. “I’m trying to look energetic,” the actress claimed. She further shared an incident and continued, “I was going for an event and I was a little tired. Somebody posted a picture from the event and I had a blank expression. (On that picture) the comments were like ‘What’s wrong with her attitude?’. Now I have to be energetic.”

Urvashi then went on to open up about her personal life without any hesitation. “My personal life has actually been an open book in one way, but on the other side, it has also been a mystery. And I like it that way. I don’t like speculations, I’d rather like people coming up to me and asking me. And you’ll have to give me the liberty if I’m willing to talk about it at the moment. It’s my prerogative to answer anything in my personal life,” the actress explained.

Talking about the TV show, Urvashi doesn’t think it is another reality show merely with some popcorn worthy drama. Instead, the actress thinks there’s some major learning involved in it. “The wow factor of the concept is that it is going to open avenues to people who think that the world collapses after a breakup,” she said. “The world doesn’t collapse. Life moves on. The show must go on. You have to overcome the breakup.”

Urvashi and Anuj’s relationship might have gone kaput, however, they have mutual respect and admiration for each other; something that not every other estranged couple manages to pull off successfully. “With me and my Baliye, the case is that we both are mature enough to understand that it didn’t work out and we still respect each other,” she explained. Urvashi who has moved on in life, doesn’t intend to look behind to analyse what went wrong between the two. “One thing didn’t go wrong and you can’t clap with one hand. So, it was a mutual thing, we both were wrong and right at some point in time. Whatever went wrong is for me to know and I’m not the kinds to wash my dirty linen in public. No matter what happened between us, we are still friends,” she said.

With the concept of modern family being prevalent in the country as more and more celebrities are coming out in the open about their relationships, Urvashi negates the idea that it is the celebrities who have brought the topic to the discussion table. “It has been in the country since donkey’s years. However, with celebrities, it has surely opened a lot of windows.”

The actress also shared her opinions on remarriage. “Of course why not!” Urvashi exclaimed on the idea of remarriage. “Just because there’s one bad apple in the basket doesn’t mean other apples are bad. If you think you are compatible with someone why not.” The actress, however, hasn’t given much thought to getting remarried in the near future. “I have never thought about it,” said Urvashi on being asked if she is open to marrying once again. “Everyone keeps asking me, but I don’t have time out of work. I’m too pre-occupied with my life. I live in a bubble, and I’m so happy in that bubble of mine. One can never know, if it happens, it happens. What’s the point of saying a yes or a no now?” she concluded.

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