VIDEO: 45-yr-old Mandira Bedi proves age is just a number by working out in a sari

Mandira Bedi made working out in a sari look effortless recently, but she is not alone in her endeavour to prove that sari is not a restriction to fitness. Check out the video of the actor doing push-ups in the six-yard wonder here.

Mandira Bedi is obviously not a fan of living by the rules. The actor/host has – over the years – challeneged norms with her stint as a cricket commentator and for many years, she’s emerged as a fitness icon as well. So, when she dropped down in an elegant sari to do some push-ups, it didn’t really come as a surprise for many, but it doesn’t take away from the wow factor of seeing someone coolly working the sari in such a way!

The 45-year-old, who has time again shared videos of working out at the gym and pushing herself and inspiring others to do the same as well. While we are still struggling to ‘push up’ our push-up count in sweats, Bedi managed to leave us impressed by effortlessly pulling off the exercise in a sari, when she was challenged by the host to do so at an event.

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