Vistara Passenger, 62, Arrested For Allegedly Molesting Crew On Flight

NEW DELHI: A passenger of an Air Vistara flight has been arrested after being accused of molesting a cabin crew member last Saturday.

The incident allegedly took place when the Tata Vistara flight from Lucknow landed in Delhi and passengers were about to exit the plane. The 62-year-old man was arrested at the airport.

The airline said in a statement that it would not tolerate abusive behaviour by passengers.
“A cabin crew member on Lucknow-Delhi flight on 24th March reported sexual harassment by a passenger. Vistara does not tolerate abusive or unruly behaviour by passengers that puts safety of its staff and other customers at risk, or compromises their dignity,” said the airline.

In December, a young film actress had complained that she was molested by a co-passenger on a Delhi-Mumbai flight of Air Vistara. The airline apologised for the incident and said it has “zero tolerance” for such behaviour. The passenger, a Mumbai businessman, was charged.