Year Ender 2020: 5 Guinness World Records that wowed netizens this year

As the start of a new year draws nearer, many are getting ready to bid farewell to 2020. If you’re someone who is currently recapping and reflecting on the happenings of the past year, here is a list that may make that task a little easier for you. From performing most skips while wearing roller skates in 30 seconds to eating the most jam doughnuts ever in three minutes, these are some of the world records that wowed netizens in 2020. Reading about the titles may leave you in awe too.

1. Longest hair on a teenager (female) – Title holder Nilanshi Patel’s hair is two meters or 6 ft 6.7 inches long: This is the third time Patel has broken her own record.

2. Most skips on roller/inline skates in 30 seconds – 147 skips by Zorawar Singh: “Zorawar was initially a discus thrower in high school, but after a horrible injury which forced him to give it up he took up skipping to regain his fitness. He then went on to compete in the jump rope world championships and decided then he would go and become a Guinness World Records title holder to be the best in his field,” reads a bit of the caption shared alongside the post.

3. Most clay targets punched in one minute – 62 by Muhammad Rashid: Rashid holds many Guinness World Record titles , including most walnuts crushed by hand in one minute and most bottle caps unscrewed with a kick in 30 seconds amoung others.

4. Tallest teenager in the world (male) – Titled holder 14-year-old Ren Keyu is 221.03 cm or 7 ft 3.02 in tall: The teenager was already 150 centimetres tall in kindergarten, states theGuinness World Records’ website .

5. Most jam doughnuts eaten in three minutes – 10 by Leah Shutkever: A resident of Birmingham, UK, Shutkever ate all the doughnuts without licking her lips a single time during the challenge.

What are your thoughts on the shares? Which of the records wowed you the most? Or did all of them amaze you equally?

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