Zain Imam PUNCHED Shrenu Parikh in the face and here’s what happened next – watch EXCLUSIVE video

Zain Imam is currently seen as Kabir Mittal in Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna opposite Shrenu Parikh aka Janhvi Mittal. To start their show on an auspicious note, the makers of this TV show headed to a 1000-year-old temple in Udaipur for the launch. BollywoodLife got an opportunity to meet, greet and have a heart-to-heart conversation with both Shrenu and Zain. In conversation with us, Zain opened up about the link-up rumours, his Namkarann co-star Aditi Rathore, among many others. Apart from having a Q and A session with us, Zain also played a funny segment with us. BL’s reporter, Vinay MR Mishra, asked the silliest questions to the young lad, who had the most hilarious comebacks.

The actor was spontaneous even though he was asked the most stupid questions. In fact, Zain left us in splits with his silly answers too and made a special mention of Kareena Kapoor Khan in the video. The Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna actor jokingly said Bebo is a part of their show and how he once punched Shrenu. We don’t wish to reveal more and want you guys to check out that video right here:

During his Q and A session with us, Zain also confessed that link-up rumours don’t bother him and stated that he doesn’t like to share details about his personal life. “I have stopped clicking pictures with girls because everyone starts connecting me with that girl. Say, for instance, if I click a picture with a girl, then fans start talking nonsense about her. They will start saying things like ‘why is she with him’ and ‘why is Aditi (Rathore, his Naamkarann co-star) not there,” the actor said.

Coming back to his show Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna, Zain added, “We are trying to build up the characters, so it is happening one at a time. It starts with Shrenu’s and that’s why she is more prominent in the promos. It is the network’s strategy and I trust them.”

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